Lenovo G570 Review

May 05 2011

Why I Bought A Lenovo G570

I was looking for something cheap and powerful, and the Lenovo G570 seemed like a good choice based on its inclusion of a fast CPU, spacious hard drive, and a respectable amount of RAM. In addition to these geek friendly specs, I was also impressed by the G570’s overall design. This 15.6-inch notebook is easy on the eyes, and features an above average keyboard and trackpad, which aren’t always expected on a budget setup.

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Quick List of Specs and Features:

The Lenovo G570 can be outfitted with a variety of specs. Here’s what I got:

  • Sandy Bridge Core i5 2.3Ghz
  • 4GB RAM
  • Intel HD 3000 IGP
  • 640GB HDD
  • 15.6-inch 1366 x 768 LED-backlit LCD
  • 6 cell lithium-ion battery
  • DVD drive
  • 3 x USB 2.0
  • 1 x USB/e-SATA
  • HDMI output
  • VGA output
  • Multi memory card slot

Design and Styling

Many budget laptops reek of cheapness with their chintzy highlights and bubbly exteriors. Although the Lenovo G570 has a glossy ­lid that I’m not too crazy about – it smudges easily and reflects light in a way that screams “made of cheap plastic!” — the rest of the laptop is mostly matte black or a very dark brown, with a minimal amount of additional gimmicks and flare. This gives the G570 a somewhat minimalist and serious look that is not common among its competitors.

A Dash of Metal

Crack open the lid, and the notion of a budget laptop quickly fades. Surrounding the keyboard and trackpad is a slab of brushed aluminum. The metal surface feels great on the palms, and is sure to add some durability to the laptop’s deck. I also suspect that the metallic finish adds to the G570’s surprisingly solid feel; the notebook hardly makes a sound when picked up and handled.

Island Style Keyboard

When it comes to amazing laptop keyboards, Lenovo is known to carry the torch, at least on the PC side of things. The G570 has island style keys, which are nicely spaced and have a curved surface that catches the fingers just right. Compared with my Apple Wireless Keyboard, its keys seem to be equally punchy and responsive. The keyboard also exhibits a minimal amount of flex, even when being downright abusive with it.

Multitouch Trackpad

The Lenovo G570 has an advanced Synaptics trackpad. This trackpad is capable of multitouch gestures, similar to what you’d find on a Macbook.

Advanced Gestures:

  • 2-finger scrolling
  • 3-finger tap
  • pinch-to-zoom
  • rotate

The trackpad features a dotted textured surface that makes your fingers glide instead of stick — it really works well. Complimenting the trackpad are two decent sized buttons. Sure, the buttons are rather unremarkable, but it’s a relief that they are, seeing how many budget laptops get this unforgivably wrong.

My List of Dislikes

Alas, a budget laptop will always be doomed to disappoint in a few areas. Here are my most disliked features of the Lenovo G570:

The Display

The G750 comes with a 15.6-inch LED-backlit display offering 1366 x 768 resolution.

The display has very poor viewing angles and exhibits poor contrast. This is most evident while watching full-screen video content. Compared to my 2007 model Macbook Pro, the brightness is also dimmer. Compounding these effects, the display has a glossy finish, which tends to attract an abundance of glare from lights in the room.

Whether the screen is acceptable to you or not will largely depend on your expectations. Some people don’t care much for image quality – perhaps they’ve only ever owned low-end displays – but for myself, a poor display makes for a frustrating experience. Good thing I’ve designated this laptop as an HTPC.

Keyboard Layout

To clear up any confusion, I have a Japanese model Lenovo G570, which adds a few extra keys to the keyboard at the expenses of having a normal sized space bar. But other than that, the layout is basically the same.

My first annoyance with the keyboard is that there’s no extra spacing around the arrow keys. This makes finding the arrow keys with just your fingers a bit of a hit-and-miss experience.

My second annoyance with the keyboard is that the volume and screen brightness can only be adjusted by holding down the function key on the left side of the keyboard while hitting the arrow keys located on the right side of the keyboard.

It’s bad enough that there aren’t dedicated buttons for these vital and frequently used controls, but it baffles me that Lenovo expects you to use both hands when making adjustments! God forbid you accidently leave your volume unmuted and trigger an loud Flash ad while sitting in a quiet library.

Trackpad Size

The trackpad is a decent size for a PC laptop, so really, you might say that I’m nitpicking when I complain that it’s too small. The unfortunately situation is, you’re given a Synaptics trackpad — with a gliding surface and a host of multitouch gestures — but your fingers will run out of room far too fast on its tight perimeter.

I keep hitting the edges when I use it. Particularly, pinching out and rotating is quite difficult to pull off.

I don’t know if it’s about patents, technology or design costs, but PC manufacturers have got to figure out how to implement larger trackpads.

Quick Summary of Other Features

  • HDMI output – works hassle-free
  • Battery life – nothing remarkable on the 6-cell; a couple hours at most.
  • Weight and size – same as most budget 15-inchers; 2.6kg
  • USB ports – no USB 3.0, but one combo port for e-SATA
  • Webcam – very poor; you don’t want to use it in any situation!

Review Conclusions

I chose the Lenovo G570 after trying most of its competition. I looked at models by: Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, and a variety of generic brands that offered products suspiciously similar to the brand name models. After considering quite a few noteworthy alternatives, I went with the G570 for its ensemble of strong features.

The Pros

The G570 comes standard with a Sandy Bridge processor, 4GB of RAM, and a spacious hard disk. In addition, the notebook has an excellent keyboard and an above average trackpad. These specs are what you’ll find on many mid-range laptops. In fact, the G570 might not be quite as “budget” as I make it sound.

The Cons

The Lenovo G570 comes with a low-end display – this is my biggest gripe by far. If you are used to staring at cheap LCD’s, then perhaps this spec won’t bother you much; but for me, it’s a glaring flaw. (Pun intended.)

The island style keyboard is great to type on, but where are the media controls and dedicated functions buttons? Needing two hands to change the brightness or volume settings is a major hassle.

Check Out The Video Review

If you’re still deciding if this laptop is right of you, why not check out my brief Lenovo G570 review on YouTube. Also, you can also find prices for the Lenovo G570 by clicking here.

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  • Jesper Nielsen says:

    Hello there.

    Great review of the laptop that i just ordered. Did you ever try playing World of Warcraft on it? You seemed a little disapointed when you tried playing Battlefield on it, which is a pretty tough game for a medium-price computer.

    Best regards


  • Nick says:

    How much did you pay for it? I just ordered a G470 with same specs except dedicated ATI graphics, 6gb RAM and a 640GH hard drive for 700 bucks.

  • amy says:

    I paid $379 for mine at officedepot.com, and I’m happy with it so far, but I’ve only had it three hours. I agree with the problems with the arrow buttons, and I’d like the backspace button to be easier to find without looking too, but I really wanted a laptop with a number pad built in, and that’s the price I pay. I almost got a V570, but it didn’t seem worth the extra hundred dollars it cost, and I didn’t like the look/feel of it in the store. Thanks for the review; it confirmed that I made the right choice!

  • Jeff says:

    I just purchased this computer at Office Depot also. I want to know if anyone else who just purchased this laptop has noticed lines running through the video when watching ON LINE videos, like on youtube. When I go to youtube & watch a full screen video, I’m getting lines & folds running through the video, much like what an old VHS tapes might look like if the tape is really old. This never happened with my 2 year old G550. But I took this back to Office Depot & exchanged it for another G570, only to get it home & find that it produces the same lines running through the video. Not so bad when just watching a small screen video on youtube. But when you go full screen, I start getting the lines. It’s not the end of the world, but it never happened at all on my Lenovo G550. & let me remind everyone that I did not have any of this problem when watching a dvd in the drive. This is only happening when watching on line video like at youtube or HBO. So I’ve been talking to Lenovo about this issue & they suggested that maybe a batch of computers shipped out with bad video adapters. And they actually asked me to come on the web to forums like this and find out if anyone else is having this problem? So please write about this if you are having this same problem. You can return your computer to Office Depot up to 14 days for an exchange for a different model if you want. I’m primarily worried that if there is a problem with the video adapter, that it may not really mess up badly enough until the warranty has expired. So I’m taking mine back and hope to find a decent replacement. I really like my old Lenovo. & I really like this one, but I’m just not willing to take a chance on a computer that is already messing up(even just a little) 1st day out of the box, when the potential cost to repair it down the road could be way too much! Again, please write a review if you are having this same problem. Or call lenovo at 1-877-453-6686 and report this problem to them immediately before your 14 day office depot exchange policy expires!!! Thanks a lot, Jeff

  • John says:

    They must have sent the reviewer a different machine then the G570 we bought today. We found that everything worked reasonably well until we tried to play something with sound. The speakers sound distorted, even at low volume, and their were audible vibrations from the laptop case. Something is massively wrong there. We took the machine back and swapped it out for another one, hoping it was just a dud. Alas, we had the same issue with machine #2, but it was even worse with jerky playback on you tube, dvds, and any other av file. Tomorrow we are taking it back to the store and trading it for any other brand they will supply. We have two other laptops that are much older, but have never had these types of issues.

  • Delfin says:


    thanks for this great review. i almost regret buying it when i spoke to one of the “technical service person” whom i know well as a doctor of gadgets says this kind of laptop has a trend of having its mother board and led screen to malfunction. but he suggested that most of these types of problem are caused by poor ventilation and hot environment. i guess i agree to it…

    well in my own opinion, it’s all about the user – he who takes care of his machine will have it for long!

    the good thing about my computer g570 core i3 2nd gen 4gb ram, 750hdd 15.6in screen, is that it’s got far way better Windows Experience Index that other machines… i’ve got 5.6! as compared to other machines like samsung, sony, hp etc… they fall under 5… it even surpasses core i5 (1st gen) scores!

    now i’ve been testing this for over 3 days now and it’s pretty fast for me.. it could even run adobe cs5 fast and easy!

  • zestbow says:

    not a fair review. you are comparing a system that I paid $399.00 for with a Mac Book Pro that I paid 3k for… that means I can buy ten Lenovo’s for the price of one MacBook Pro…

  • jasmin says:

    In my view this is a very good laptop to buy with lots of features and well design as well. And the internal configuration of this laptop is also not bad at all.

  • My lenovo G570 is so slow. i already removed the pre installed software but still so slow. I bought it here in Saudi Arabia at Lulu hypermarket. Can anybody help me what to do?

  • Emma King says:

    I agree with the problems with the arrow buttons, and I’d like the backspace button to be easier to find without looking too, but I really wanted a laptop with a number pad built in, and that’s the price I pay.By the way,I also like Android Tablet PC.

  • John says:


    To me, Lenovo G570 isn’t really a gaming machine, I game alot, so I will pass it.

    Will look for other laptops with NVIDIA GeForce though, since the Intel HD Graphic 3000 isn’t really the best graphic for gaming.

    For basic usage, definitely recommend this Lenovo too.


  • Bikram says:

    I have recently bought this laptop. When i tried to set up wifi, system shows me -
    Intel MY wifi Technology: Adaptor not found.
    what is the way to set up wifi? or did i buy defective laptop which has no wifi adaptor?

    • admin says:

      Not sure what your problem is, but the wifi adapter on my G570 has apparently died. The component is shown in hardware devices, but it’s listed as nonfunctional.

  • John says:


    isn’t anyone know how to on or off the core(CPU) of Lenovo G570?

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