This Blog Uses CommentLuv Premium For DoFollow Back Links

Oct 02 2011

Want a “do follow”, keyword-loaded backlink from

Read on.

I’ve just installed CommentLuv premium on I hope it will strike a balance between offering bloggers a potentially valuable backlink and keeping my site high-quality and spam-free.

Here are the rules I’ve tentatively set:

  1. Comments are now instantly approved, so long as you don’t trip the spam filter. As alway, I’ll manually screen the comments afterwards, so don’t waste your time leaving short, off-topic or low-quality remarks.
  2. If you Google +1 my post, CommentLuv will set your backlink to Do Follow.
  3. If you ReTweet or Facebook Like my post, I’ll let you select one of your last 10 blog posts. (Otherwise it will just backlink your most recent post — unless you own CommentLuv premium!)
  4. If you have 2 comments approved on my site (use the same name and email), I’ll let you input KeywordLuv style anchor text. The format is: Name@keyword1 keyword2 keyword 3.

You can have it all — keyword loaded, do follow backlinks — and these perks are automatically handled by CommentLuv premium, so the effects should be instantaneous!

As CommentLuv will likely increase the amount of commenters and spammers to my site, I’ll probably tweak the rules as time goes on to maintain a high quality environment. So I’m not making any long-term promises here, but I’m hopeful this plugin is the solution I’ve been looking for; I love the idea of offering incentives.

And finally, if you haven’t gotten it yet, I highly recommend trying CommentLuv premium. Think of it as an automated bribe system! :)

14 responses so far

  • Mika Castro says:

    This is a must to be followed! I am a commentluv user and it really works for me.

  • FinnBlogger says:

    I am a brand now CommentLuv Premium user. It was nice to see your rules. CommentLuv makes it really easy to Google +1 blogposts. I did it for you!

  • JohnC says:

    CommentLuv is really cool at distinguished the difference between link builders and spammers. Others applies the same rules as yours, they are fair and true.

  • I am working with comment luv tool . i have it in my every blogs. This tools can deffer between builders and spammers. thanks these all sharing. i appreciate your valuable info.

  • BODHost Ltd says:

    After all…blog is a home of blogger, he has every reason to welcome the comments that makes sense and be welcomed but blog commenter should always remember that blog is not a dustbin. I think this CommentLuv Premium Plugin is not only offer a luxury to blogger but also give more privileges to blog commenter.

  • scott says:

    I’ve been reading up a lot on CommentLuv premium and I think it can be available asset to a successful blog. I like that you come right out and set the ground rules for what you expect from your commenters. Thanks

  • Hans says:

    It’s one of those things, where you will still have to moderate comments, but hopefully it will begin some great back and forth from people that otherwise wouldn’t have read your blog. I’m definitely on board. Please post about this again after you’ve had some time with it to let us know how it’s going for you.

  • Alden says:

    It’s nice to have commentluv on blog. I also use it. As you have said, it will also attract spammers that is why the best option is to make it a no-follow. I like your style on moderating blog comments and setting up rules.

    Keep it up! Thanks.

  • Erich says:

    I also use Commentluv on my site. Just the free version, though, as I’m still saving up for the Premium version. But, based on what I’ve been hearing about the Premium, it looks like something worth the investment. I like the way that the system rewards those who leave useful comments on posts. The free version already has that basic functionality, but the Premium version is truly making me turn green with envy. LOL.

  • Chad says:

    Not to make fun of your spelling, but you called CommentLuv an “automated bride” system LOL… Like it automatically gets you a bride… Yeah this plugin looks good, I gotta set something like this up the comments I get over at my blog are 99% total garbage!

  • Mike says:

    I wanted to ask people about the Luv plug-ins, is there a filter that filter out comments such as “great blog” or ” nice site ” as these comments are obviously spam, I have a few blogs and they just get ruined with these bloody spammers.

    I have not got a problem with people that want to use my site to gain a good backlink but I would like all people who try to gain a backlink to have read my blog and comment on topic as opposed to the crap that usually gets posted!